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Scientific Updates (ordered by topic)

This new section collects the PDFs of some scientific papers of Professor Graziottin (articles and chapters of books.
The files can be downloaded also from the corresponding items of the general CV. This dedicated service aims at easing the access to documents and materials very useful for the clinical practice.
We thank the Publishers who permitted the publication, download, print and strictly personal and non-profit use of the papers. Any citation must quote the title of the document, the name of the author, the data of the original book or journal (as indicated in this website) and the URL of the site (
To read the files just click on the titles: a detail page will be open with the links for the download.



Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Function


Inflammation and pain

Male Sexual Dysfunction



Pain Therapy

Pelvic Pain

Sexual Medicine

Sexual Pain Disorders

Sexual Transmitted Diseases