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The role of erection hardness in determining erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment outcome

Dean J. de Boer B-J. Graziottin A. Hatzichristou D. Heaton J. Tailor A.
The role of erection hardness in determining erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment outcome
European Urology Supplements 5 (2006) 767–772

The hardness of a man’s erection is often very important to his sense of masculinity. The degree of penile hardness required to allow penetration and intercourse is variable; for satisfactory intercourse, hardness must also be well maintained.
Men may tolerate, without significant concern, some degree of loss of hardness and durability; there is considerable variation between men in this respect. Loss of erection hardness may have serious adverse effects on a man’s self-esteem, his sexual confidence, and his relationship with his partner.
Improvement in the hardness of a man’s erections, following successful treatment of ED, has the potential to restore a man’s emotional well-being and improve his partner’s satisfaction with the relationship - in short, harder erections can lead to better sex.


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