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The ageing woman

Graziottin A.
The ageing woman
Invited Editorial - The Journal of Men's Health and Gender, vol. 3, no. 4, December 2006, 326-329

Ageing is a multisystemic and multifactorial process, which can be improved by appropriate life-long lifestyles and selected medical interventions, when indicated. Menopause represents an acute turning point in the more gradual process of aging.
Age at menopause, severity of hot flashes, vaginal pH and quality of vulvar aging are simple to assess and costless markers of women’s vulnerability to earlier pathological ageing, general and sexual, increasing the gap between health expectancy and life expectancy.
Individually tailored Hormonal Therapy (HT) may significantly reduce -although not eliminate- the negative impact of menopause on the ageing process, the earlier the treatment, the more comprehensive and significant the benefit.


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