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Iatrogenic and post-traumatic female sexual disorders

Graziottin A.
Iatrogenic and post-traumatic female sexual disorders
in: Porst H. Buvat J. (Eds), ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine) Standard Committee Book, Standard practice in Sexual Medicine, Blackwell, Oxford, UK, 2006, p. 351-361

Iatrogenic factors are increasingly recognized as predisposing, precipitating and/or maintaining co-factors of FSD. Further research is needed to quantify the extent of this causality, the role of confounders, the preventive measures that should be encouraged to reduce iatrogenic FSD and the legal implications of a claim of damaged sexuality. Clinicians should be encouraged to train in sexual medicine and include at least the basics of sexual history taking in their clinical practice, to reduce the iatrogenic contributors of FSD. Referral to a specialist in this area is also important.


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