Hyperactive sexual desire in women: myth or reality?


Hyperactive sexual desire in women: myth or reality?
Graziottin A. (Guest Ed.), Female Sexual Dysfunction: Clinical Approach
Urodinamica, 14 (2): 84-88, 2004
Excessive sexual behaviour in women is viewed in many sociocultural contexts to be inappropriate, unacceptable, and perhaps even pathological. Clearly excessive sexual behaviour and desire are more easily managed and identified when they lead to distress in the individual. However, what about high sexual behaviour that is welcomed and linked to strong sexual desire, but which evokes significant distress in others?
Here the issue of subjectivity and difficulty in determining normal from abnormal behaviour is an intrinsic problem that the provider faces. In this article we attempt to provide some historical background for conceptualizing hyperactive sexual desire, suggest etiological factors, and propose a clinical framework that would guide management of this difficult condition.

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