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Vaginal biological and sexual health: the unmet needs

Graziottin A.
Vaginal biological and sexual health: the unmet needs
Climacteric. 2015 Oct;18 Suppl 1:9-12. doi: 10.3109/13697137.2015.1079408.

Vagina is still a very really neglected organ. The almost universal minimalistic approach, and disregard of her basic needs, translates into many symptoms and signs that can go unrecognized for years. Estrogen first, but also testosterone and DHEA, may contribute to a better vaginal health, biological and sexual. The sooner, the better, when oncologically appropriate.
A major cultural progress is necessary to appropriately meet vagina’s need in the lifespan, to offer women a longer health expectancy, also from the vaginal, and sexual, point of view.


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