Microbiota: the secret director of the human health


Microbiota: the secret director of the human health
Workshop on "Microbiota between myth and reality", National Research Center (CNR) - Department of Biomedical Sciences, Roma, Italy, May 31, 2023
Research on the gut and vaginal microbiota and its relation to women’s health has gained momentum recently. Microbiota works in synergy with the bowel, the gut brain, and other organs as a secret director of women’ health. It modulates infections, fertility, pregnancy outcomes, genital and pelvic pain, oncology, depression.
The new microbiota metagenomic techniques will contribute to better understand the role of bacteria, viruses and other microbial agents as determinants of women’ diseases. This may impact current clinical practice paradigms through a more personalized approach, based on the individual microbiota.

By courtesy of Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)