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Prevalence and evaluation of sexual health problems – HSDD in Europe

Graziottin A.
Prevalence and evaluation of sexual health problems – HSDD in Europe
The Journal of Sexual Medicine 2007; 4 (suppl. 3); 211-219

The complex condition of the menopause is experienced by all women going through the physical and emotional changes associated with ovarian sexual hormones loss. It impacts directly on their physical and mental health. The complexity of this condition makes it necessary to accumulate large bodies of data to define the patterns and trends in its evaluable manifestations.
To this end, large amounts of data were collected on women from France, Germany, Italy and the UK, via the Women’s International Survey on Health and Sexuality (2467 responders aged between 20 and 70, with surgical and natural menopausal status and with premenopausal status).
The findings of the survey have implications for the understanding of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), not only the way it should be assessed in clinical practice, but also the most appropriate means for its treatment.


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