Chronic vulvar pain, recurrent candidiasis and familial diabetic risk. Critical factors emerged from the VuNet on 1183 cases - Part II


Dolore vulvo-vaginale, candidosi recidivante e rischio familiare per il diabete. I fattori critici emersi dallo studio Vu-Net su 1183 casi - Parte 2
La Rivista Italiana di Ostetricia e Ginecologia, 2021, 2, 107-116
Chronic vulvar pain recognizes predisposing, precipitating and maintenance factors, not yet fully defined in the literature. The Vu-Net project (Vulvodynia Network Project) is aimed at investigating vulvar pain, with special attention to medical and sexual co-morbidities highlighted in the Italian population. The observational and multicentre study involved 21 hospitals and universities, as well as public and private clinics, and involved 1183 patients.
This work focuses on the observed relationship between recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis, vestibulodynia and coital pain at the onset of penetration.

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