Italian congresses

97th Congress of the Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics - SIGO (Milano)

"The great challenges of Italian gynecology - The fight against denatality and the personalization of gynecological therapies"
Milano, Italy, December 15-18, 2022

A. Graziottin

Sexuality in women over 50

CME Meeting on "Pain in obstetrics and gynecology: strategies for early diagnosis and effective therapies"

Under the patronage of the Alessandra Graziottin Foundation for the cure and care of pain in women NPO
Livorno, Italy, March 3, 2023

F. Petraglia A. Graziottin A. Mattei

Chair of the session on "The pelvis: interaction between viscera and support structures"

A. Graziottin

Endometriosis and comorbidities: the challenge of early diagnosis. Pearls from the 2022 Strasbourg Consensus Conference - State of the art lecture

Stroke 2023 (Lecce)

9th National Congress on Cerebral Stroke
Italian Stroke Association (ISA)
Lecce, Italy, March, 30 - April 1, 2023

A. Graziottin

Key-note lecture - Title to be defined

Corso pratico "Hair&nail and anti-aging" (Capri)

Capri (Italy), May 5-6, 2023

A. Graziottin

Bioidentical hormones: impact on health, beauty and sensuality

Joint Congress SIFIOG-ISDSP (Napoli)

Alliance for Health 2.0
Patients, not disorders: advances in reproduction and endocrinology
Napoli (Italy), May 26-27, 2023

A. Colao A. Graziottin

Guidelines on nutrition and physical activity

A. Graziottin

Increasing desire in women: hormonal and non-hormonal therapies

A. Graziottin G. Di Renzo

Chair and Discussant
VI Session on: "Dysmetabolisms, nutrition and supplementation - Part 1"

International congresses

5th Online International Congress on «Reproductive health: multidisciplinary approach to continuing medical education of doctors» (Kiev)

Organized by the All‐Ukrainian Association of Continuing Professional Education of Doctors and Pharmacists, together with Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine
Virtual meeting
December 15-16, 2022

A. Graziottin

- Genitourinary syndrome of the menopause: role of topical hormones
- Dysmenorrhea: the persisting medical neglect. Survey on 6739 cases
- Endometriosis, comorbid pain and sexuality: pearls from the Strasbourg 2022 consensus

International Course on "Women's health and wealth" (Firenze)

International and European School of Perinatal, Neonatal and Reproductive Medicine (PREIS)
Firenze, Italy, December 15-16, 2022

A. Graziottin

Obesity and menopause

24th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) (Rotterdam)

Rotterdam, Netherlands, February 16–18, 2023

A. Graziottin

Chair of the Session RT-16 on "Variant sexual behaviour in female"

A. Graziottin

Use of testosterone therapy for pre- and post-menopausal women - Pro position

Webinar on "Sexual medicine and oncology" (Austria)

Austrian Academy of Sexual Medicine
February 24-25, 2023

A. Graziottin

Sexual rehabilitation after gynaecological cancers

ENDO Dubai 2023

8th Edition
“Shaping the surgery of the future and making the future surgeons”
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 24-26, 2023

Alessandra Graziottin (Milano)

- Chair of the session on “Sexuality and pain”
- Endometriosis, sexuality and pain: lack of professional recognition. Why? Which future?
Angela Cuccarollo (Verona)
Severe dysmenorrhea and heavy menstrual bleeding: predictors of endometriosis and female sexual dysfunction?
Elisa Maseroli (Firenze)
Endometriosis: sexual pain and comorbid female sexual dysfunction
Silvia Baggio (Verona)
Medical treatment before and after surgery: the challenge of tailoring the best, while protecting sexuality

14th Congress of the European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS) (Firenze)

“Sharing expertise for changing times”
Firenze, Italy, May 3-5, 2023

A. Graziottin

Internet and menopause
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