Italian congresses

CME Course "Pelvi-Net: diagnosis and management of pelvic pain" (Milano)

University of Milano, March 2, 2024

A. Graziottin

Chronic pelvic pain and comorbidity: role of the microbiota

CME course on "Female life trajectories, between genetic and epigenetic factors" (Livorno)

When DNA meets mimosas
Organized under the patronage of the Alessandra Graziottin Foundation for the cure and care of pain in women NPO
Livorno, Italy, March 8, 2024

S. Abate A. Graziottin

Chair of the course

A. Graziottin

- PCOS: genetics, epigenetics and microbiome, with a focus on the adolescence
- Pelvic pain, intestinal microbiome, biorhythms
- Early menopause: the therapeutic emergencies

CME Course on "Vulvodynia: the pain that makes noise" (Agrate Brianza)

Agrate Brianza (MB), Italy, March 22, 2024

Alessandra Graziottin

Vulvodynia, a disease to know: pathophysiological implications

Filippo Murina, Alessandra Graziottin - Chair

Clinical cases - Discussion

Congress on "In the heart of Santa. Cardiologists and GP's on the territory" (Santa Margherita Ligure)

XV Edition
Santa Margherita Ligure (GE), Italy, April 11-13, 2024

A. Graziottin

Heavy menstrual bleeding, an health killer: treatment strategies

Practical course on "Hair & nail and anti-aging" (Capri)

Capri, Italy, May 3-4, 2024

A. Graziottin

Topical testosterone: health, vulvar beauty and sensual happiness

XVIII Meeting on "Sickness, pain and territorial network" (Milano)

"Evolution of the organizational model and skills profile"
Niguarda Hospital, Milano, Italy, May 24-25, 2024

A. Graziottin

Lecture - Neuroinflammation and chronic pain

First Level Biennial International Master in "Sexual medicine" (Milano)

Department of Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca
Milano, Italy, June 8, 2024

A. Graziottin

- Biological basis of female sexual disorders: pathophysiology and semeiotics
- Genitopelvic pain/penetration disorder
- Female sexual desire and sexual arousal disorders

VIII Onda Foundation National Congress on “Gender medicine and personalization of therapies in the age of artificial intelligence”

CME on line event
September 24-26, 2024

A. Graziottin

Chronic pelvic pain, still a hard challenge for the gynecologist?

First Level Biennial International Master in "Sexual medicine" (Milano)

Department of Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca
Milano, Italy, November 15, 2024

A. Graziottin

- Contraception and sexuality
- Menopause and sexuality

Vulva Forum 2027, 7th edition (Napoli)

Napoli, Italy, November 15-16, 2024

A. Graziottin

Lecture to be defined

Meeting on "Wide-angle 2024 in gynecology and obstetrics" (Camogli)

Camogli (GE), Italy, November 28-29, 2024

A. Graziottin

Female sexual health and pelvic floor dysfunction

International congresses

7th International Congress on «Reproductive health: multidisciplinary approach to continuing medical education of doctors» (Kiev)

Virtual meeting organized by the Ukrainian Association of Continuing Professional Education of Doctors and Pharmacists
April 18-19, 2024

A. Graziottin

Menopause and biodentical hormones: facts and fakes

GynItaly 2024 (Salerno)

Salerno (Italy), May 28-31, 2024

A. Graziottin

Psychophysiological well-being of oncology patient: nurturing the mind and the body

32nd World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI) (Lisbon)

Lisbon, Portugal, November 21-23, 2024

A. Graziottin

Lectures to be defined
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