Are the Endocrine Society's clinical practice guidelines on androgen therapy in women misguided? A commentary


Are the Endocrine Society’s Clinical Practice Guidelines on androgen therapy in women misguided? A Commentary
J. Sex. Med. 2007; 4: 1223–1235
The Endocrine Society Clinical Guidelines on Androgen Therapy in Women do not necessarily represent the opinion held by the many health-care professionals and clinicians who are specialized in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of women’s health in androgen insufficiency states. The recommendations provided in the published Guidelines are neither accurate nor complete. We disagree with the therapeutic nihilism promoted by these Guidelines. The members of the Guidelines Panel, in their own disclaimer, stated that the Guidelines do not establish a standard of care.
Based on data available in the contemporary literature, on the role of androgens in women’s health, we provide in this commentary a point-by-point discussion of the arguments made by the Panel in arriving at their recommendations. It is our view that the Guidelines are not based on the preponderance of scientific evidence.

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