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Female sexual disorders: future trends and conclusions

Graziottin A. Whipple B. Dennerstein L. Alexander J.L. Banner L. Giraldi A.
Female sexual disorders: future trends and conclusions
in: Porst H. Buvat J. (Eds), ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine) Standard Committee Book, Standard practice in Sexual Medicine, Blackwell, Oxford, UK, 2006, p. 374-375

Historically, recognition and treatment of the biological basis of female sexual health issues mirrored the recognition and treatment of female urologic disorders. Both were poorly understood, and therefore, under diagnosed and under treated.
Urologists have been the specialists who recently took the lead in the revolutionary understanding on the biological basis of FSD. The contribution of key urologists, including Raz, McGuire and Kursh, began a new era. Women’s anatomy, and specifically the role of the pelvic floor, was reconsidered, with increasing attention to the physiologic role of sexual hormones in the bladder, genitals and in sexual response.
Research on neurobiological bases of women' s sexual response added further visibility to the physical basis of their sexual function or disorders, with a multidisciplinary involvement. Parallel research on hormonal, vascular, psychosexual and contextual factors is contributing to give meaning to the complexity of women’s sexual function and disorders.
A significant research commitment to investigate the biological basis of FSD is ongoing.


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