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What does premature ejaculation mean to the man, the woman and the couple?

Graziottin A. Althof S.
What does premature ejaculation mean to the man, the woman and the couple?
The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Special Issue: A Practical Approach to Premature Ejaculation, 2011 Oct; 8 Suppl 4: 304-309

Premature ejaculation (PE) has a significant negative impact on both the man and his female partner and, therefore, has implications for the couple as a whole. PE may deeply affect the quality of their relationship: erotically and emotionally. The female partner is often under-evaluated in the clinical practice setting. It is vital that physicians regard PE as the couple’s problem and endeavour to include the partner in its management where possible.
The optimal treatment often includes both a pharmacologic, psychological and sexological approach to improve not only the ‘symptom’ of PE, but also the quality of the erotic intimacy, the variety of the sexual repertoire and ultimately the erotic satisfaction of both partners. Combining a medical and psychological approach may be particularly useful in men with acquired PE where there is a clear psychosocial precipitant, or lifelong cases where the individual or couple’s issues interfere in the medical treatment and success of therapy.


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