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Hormonal therapy after menopause

Graziottin A.
Hormonal therapy after menopause
in: Porst H. Buvat J. (Eds), ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine) Standard Committee Book, Standard practice in Sexual Medicine, Blackwell, Oxford, UK, 2006, p. 362-373

Healthy life styles, with emphasis on exercise, dietary intake and cessation of smoking is recommended, to increase the quality of life and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporotic fractures and also breast cancer, before and after menopause. With the current level of evidence, HT should only be prescribed when it is clearly indicated, primarily for symptom relief. In this context, there is no effective alternative to estrogen or estrogen/progestogen treatment.
HT has a specific role in women with premature menopause, and should be considered until the age of natural menopause (51 years). It has numerous beneficial effects, if prescribed soon after the menopause, when the “window of opportunity” potentiates its beneficial impact on likely healthy organs and tissue.
The need to continue with treatment and the indications for HT should be reviewed regularly when used in the long term. Constant updating is required in the rapidly evolving field of menopausal management.


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