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Women’s right to a better sexual life

Graziottin A.
Women’s right to a better sexual life
Graziottin A. (Guest Ed.), Female Sexual Dysfunction: Clinical Approach
Urodinamica, 14 (2): 57-60, 2004

The right of women to get a better sexual life is increasingly recognized. However, this goal cannot be achieved without a thorough understanding of their sexuality in physiologic and pathologic conditions, in different contexts and cultures, with different religious and ethic backgrounds. Classification’s changes reflect both the effort of perfectly describing women’s experiences and complaints and yet the limits of the current understanding of FSD.
Fortunately, after decades of marginal interest, the topic of female sexual function and dysfunction is currently receiving dedicated research and clinical attention. Health care providers are indeed increasingly required to address FSD in an effective way.
However, concise, updated, and authoritative books or journals dedicated to the clinical approach to FSD are rare. Many focus on a single aspect. Excellent books are available but their volume often discourages the busy clinician. This volume of Urodinamica is therefore timely. I am honoured to present here the contributions of some of the most brilliant experts of the world in the area of FSD.


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