Risks of early menopause - Cancer patients


Risks of early menopause - Cancer patients
6th Amsterdam Menopause and Women's Health Symposium, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), September 26-28, 2010, Abstract book, p. 49-50
Women are never too young to get menopausal. By definition, Premature Menopause (PM) is defined as menopause at or before the age of 40. It can be spontaneous, and is defined as “Premature Ovarian Failure” (POF), or iatrogenic, after bilateral ovariectomy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, either pelvic or total body irradiation. Early Menopause (EM), encompasses the age range between 41 and 45. In the clinical conversation, “early” may encompass any menopause that appears before the age of 45.
EM is a significant issue that requires a timely attention to risk factors, to early diagnosis and treatment to minimize its complex impact on women’s health and lives: a more complex task in cancer patients.

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