Genital aging: why topical hormones are women's best friends


Genital aging: why topical hormones are women's best friends
6th Amsterdam Menopause and Women's Health Symposium, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), September 26-28, 2010, Abstract book, p. 100-101
Genital aging is a multisystemic, “full thickness” process, involving all the components of genital tissues: the skin and mucosae, vessels, nerves, connective and muscle tissue, leading to microscopic and macroscopic anatomic involutive changes. Functional consequences of genital aging affect vaginal ecosystems, sexual and bladder function, the tonus, static and dynamic competence of the pelvic floor, the anatomic relationships of genital organs, predisposing/precipitating genital (uterine/vaginal) prolapse. It contributes to impair women’ quality of life, sexuality and erotic relationship. Genital aging begins around the twenties/early thirties and become relevant after the menopause, for the precipitating effect of the loss of sexual hormones, more acutely after surgical menopause.

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