Alessandra GraziottinAlessandra Graziottin


8 Scegli Tu
Scientific Codirector and Clinical Advisor
Information program on contraception promoted by tha Italian Association of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (SIGO)
since 2008
7 International Society for Sexuality and Cancer (ISSC)
Member of the Professional Advisory Board
since 2003
6 Menopausa & Contraccezione - Interazioni con il pianeta donna (Menopause & Contraception - Interactions with the "planet woman")
Member of the Scientific Board
since 2000
5 FSD Education
Member of the European Working Group for the development of CME material on Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)
4 The Women's Sexual Health Foundation
Member of the Professional Advisory Board
3 The Alexander Foundation for Women's Health
Scientific and Clinical Advisor
2 Woman II - The Menopause Web Reference
Website sponsored by the European Commission
Member of the Scientific Board
1 Lines - In confidenza (Lines - In confidence)
Scientific Consultant