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Graziottin A. Maseroli E. Vignozzi L.
Female sexual dysfunctions: a clinical perspective on HSDD, FAD, PGAD, and FOD
in: Bettocchi C, Busetto GM, Carrieri G, Cormio L (Eds), Practical clinical andrology, Springer Nature 2022, p. 89-112
Graziottin A. Maseroli E.
Sexual pain disorders, vestibulodynia, and recurrent cystitis: the evil trio. A clinical conversation on the uroandrological perspective
in: Bettocchi C, Busetto GM, Carrieri G, Cormio L (Eds), Practical clinical andrology, Springer Nature 2022, p. 319-340
Graziottin A.
Chronic pelvic pain: a clinical perspective
in: Di Renzo G.C. (Ed), Obstetric and Gynecological Women's Health. Prevention and Safeguard, Springer Verlag (in press)
Graziottin A.
Breast cancer and sexuality with focus in young women: from evidence-based data to women’s wording to treatment perspectives
in: Veronesi U. Goldhirsch A. Veronesi P. Gentilini O. Leonardi M.C. (Eds), Breast cancer. Innovation in research and management, Springer Verlag, 2017, p. 739-752
Graziottin A.
Becoming a woman - when and why gender dysphoria may challenge the basic steps of women's sexual identity
in: Costantini E. Villari D. Filocamo M.T. (Eds), Female sexual function and dysfunction, Springer Verlag 2017, p. 47-62
Graziottin A. Gambini D.
Evaluation of genito-pelvic pain penetration disorder
in: Waguih W.I. (Ed), The Textbook of Sexual Medicine, Springer Verlag 2017
Graziottin A. Lukasiewicz M. Serafini A.
Sexual rehabilitation after gynecological cancers
in: Reisman Y. Gianotten W.L. (Eds), Cancer, intimacy and sexuality, Springer Verlag 2017, p. 205-222
Graziottin A. Lukasiewicz M.
Female sexual dysfunction and premature menopause with focus on women's wording
in: Lipshultz L. Pastuszak A. Goldstein A. Giraldi A. Perelman M. (Eds), Management of sexual dysfunction in men and women, Springer 2016, p. 325-336
Graziottin A. Lukasiewicz M.
Psychosexual issues and quality of life after oncologic pelvic surgery, with focus on cervical cancer
in: Carbone A. Palleschi G. Pastore A.L. Messas A. (Eds), Functional urologic surgery in neurogenic and oncologic diseases, Springer Verlag 2016, p. 113-132
Lukasiewicz M.E. Graziottin A.
Women’ sexuality after gynecologic cancers
in: Studd J. Seang L.T. Chervenak F.A. (Eds), Current Progress in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Vol. 3, Second Edition, Kothari Medical, Mumbai, 2015, p. 95-116
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