Alessandra GraziottinAlessandra Graziottin

Sexual Dysfunction

Plaut M. Graziottin A. Heaton J.
Fast Facts Series, Health Press, Oxford, UK, 2004

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Review on "The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease"

Key points

Many factors, psychosocial and organic, may contribute to sexual dysfunction: an illness or disability, medication or a surgical procedure, aging, relationship difficulties, previous experiences, performance anxiety... Faced with such a complex topic, and one about which many people feel uneasy, healthcare professionals may not feel confident in pursuing the subject with their patients. However, a sensitive, prepared clinician can facilitate real progress, often with a surprisingly brief intervention of the right kind.

Fast Facts – Sexual Dysfunction provides a well-rounded overview of sexual dysfunction, its evaluation and its treatment in both men and women. The book’s many strengths include a practical approach to communicating with patients and diagnosing their problems, checklists acting as at-a-glance reminders for clinicians, and a list of further resources for both clinicians and patients. A team of experts working in close cooperation combined the disciplines of mental health therapy, gynecology and urology to produce this book with the aim of giving primary care providers the information they need to extend their own knowledge, skill and comfort in dealing with sexual dysfunction, and the ability to recognize when to refer.


• Addressing sexual issues in the clinical setting
• Types of sexual dysfunction
• Evaluation, intervention, and referral
• Female sexual dysfunction
• Male sexual dysfunction
• Sex therapy
• Future trends
• Useful resources
• Index